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I am so grateful that you stopped by for a visit!  I can’t wait to get to know you!  Just arriving to this page means that you and I have a lot in common.  I’m excited to hang out with you and share all of the things we both love! 

Let me introduce myself…I was born in Texas, but raised in 10 + cities across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Kansas.  At one point I lived in 5 different houses in four cities in 3 states in a span of 5 years.  (Right now, you Military brats are thinking “That’s nothing, Melissa!” ;))  Some may say that this nomadic lifestyle must have really messed  me up.  Quite the contrary.  For me, my childhood was the perfect training ground for this platform.  My unique life experience shaped my view of incredible hosting.  I know how it feels to be new in town.  I’ve experienced the impact of being connected by a host to a person/company that changed the course of my career and life.  I have learned to be highly aware of the people around me, adapt to new situations easily, and thrive in environments that force me to continuously learn.  All because of learning to host in a way that matters. PicMonkey Collage

Hosting is my full-time job.  On a daily basis I host three adorable children, a toothless dog, and my adventurous hunk of a hubby.  No other hosting gig is more important to me than this one.  I use every excuse to celebrate with these 4 and our friends and family!  I absolutely adore spending time around a cozy table, with food that feeds my soul-not just my mouth-and most of all connecting with people I’m breaking bread with at the moment.      

My hosting philosophy is quite simple.  I believe that hosting is not about the table setting or the recipe, but about the relationships that are born and strengthened through the encounter.  This philosophy is born out of my faith in God through my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  In whom, I find my value, hope, freedom, and joy.  My Heavenly Father knows me completely and loves me unconditionally.  After experiencing this type of love, I can’t help but want to try my best to value and love others just as they are as well.  It is through this lens, that I truly believe that hosting leads to life change.  Successful lives are born through hosting and being hosted.   Want to land that amazing job?  Learn to host.  Want to have fabulous friends?  Host.  Want to teach your kids to have meaningful friendships? Host.  Strong marriage? Significance? Spiritual freedom? Good family dynamics? Be a leader? Have influence?  HOST!  Not sure where to begin?  Well, you’re in luck!  Begin here…

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I'm a Southern girl who loves a good party, a house full of laughter, and a porch swing full of friends and family. I blog weekly about how to host in a way that matters. Curious what I mean by that?   CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND READ MY STORY.


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