What’s in that Bag? Must Have Products for Every Dancer at Competitions!

  • What’s in that Bag?  Must Have Products for Every Dancer at Competitions!

Dance Competition season is upon us and it is time to pack that dance bag!  I am a newbie so I researched and asked the pros (shout out to The Dance Space!) for advice on how to prep my dancer successfully for this season.  We had our first competition and these are the items we could not have lived without- they made our prep work a breeze!


First, let's talk makeup.  I do not wear a lot of makeup (ruby red lips excluded ;)) so I spent extensive time researching and practicing in this area.  There are many great products available, but I found these items to be long lasting and easy to apply.  

The Naked eye palette is hands down the best value and longest lasting quality eye shadow for competitions.  It seems to be THE go to eye shadow for most dance studios across the country.  The multiple shades offer endless possibilities for the eyes.  

The BB cream is a nice, light neutral foundation base- nothing too cakey!  I found it to be perfect for my little girl with dewey fresh skin.  

The fine point on the CoverGirl liner was easy to use and offered the precision needed.  

The Urban Decay eye shadow primer is another must have item.  On long competition days you want the place that eye makeup and have it stay throughout the day.  

The Nars contour and blush kit is a very versatile kit that allowed me to purchase one item and use it for multiple types of applications.  We used this for blush and conturing.  The white contouring powder has a light glittery sheen to it that I found really made my dancer's eyes pop!  And lastly the Hoola powder is a fantastic size and perfect bronzer to offer some color and shading to create that dynamic makeup needed to shine on stage.


To apply the make up you will need some great tools!  Organization is key in the zoo like dressing rooms at competitions.  Right?!  Not only do you want to be organized, but you also want to clearly label your items so that if they get separated from your bag they will not be mistakenly picked up by another dancer.  Below are the tools that will make your life simple!  

These brushes are affordable and are great quality!  I found that these two kits gave us every brush we could possibly need.  The brush holder is something I could not live without- it kept us organized and helped with quick touch ups in the dressing room.  Much easier than digging through plastic baggies or in the bottom of my makeup kit.  

The Q tips and Clinique make up remover saved the day more than once!  When quick costume turnarounds made my hands a little shakey while rushing through applying makeup, those precision tips dipped in a little bit of remover sharpened and cleaned eye makeup in a flash.  Every bag should be stocked with these tools!

Every dancer needs perfectly placed hair to do their thing on stage so placing it perfectly requires some practice and tools to simplify the process.  

The Kenra texturizing taffy was reccommended to me and it was a life saver.  It helps smooth all of those fly aways and it smells amazing!  

Are you a bobby pin or hair pin kind of girl??  I know there are passionate schools of thought on which pin the correct pin to use when pinning dancer's hair.  I like to have both in our bag. For the last bun we pinned at competition I used the hair pins, but something just feels safer to me to have the bobbies in the bag.  And sometimes I just go rogue and use both!  Better to be prepared!

The Kenra spray is a favorite because it keeps the hair in place and again- it smells so good!  I know that for pageants and competitions Freeze It Mega spray is also a favorite.  Either way, I like to get a travel size bottle to keep the bag light in commute.  And lastly, these bun donuts are a must for girls with fine hair.  They really beef up a bun and help them look more substantial for the stage. 

Below are a few items that saved our sanity at competition.  The mini gold kit is a bridesmaid's mini emergency kit.  It is small and fits in the palm of your hand, but mighty in function.  It is a 21 piece kit that includes Includes double-sided tape, a safety pin, a mending kit, 2 earring backs, dental floss, clear nail polish, an emery board, nail polish remover, stain remover, hair spray, clear hair elastics, a tampon, pain reliever, breath freshener, and lip balm.  Fantastic space saving little item!

If you have been on the dance schene for long you know about the mighty power of the E6000.  These travel size tubes are perfect to throw in a plastic baggie with some toothpicks and a small peice of carboard or paper plate for those last second stone failures.

Jobst "It Stays" body fixative is fabulous to keep those costumes where they should be on stage.  And under those costumes for the dancers who are all about comfort, we have found that these panties are the perfect dance unders.  We shopped the "official" dance underwear and they were cut surprisely low on the thigh.  - Making it challenging to keep covered in costumes that are cut a little higher on the leg.  These nude, seam less fruit of a looms are also 1/2 the price!

Every costume should have a place to live.  We personally use Dream Duffel long garment bags. Unfortunately, when I went to retrieve the link I realized that they are completely out of stock. 🙁  So, this is an extremely similar version.  The pockets are perfect for shoes, head pieces, extra bobby pins, safety pins, etc.  They also have a spot for a card that you can print your dancer's name and contact information. We like to use one bag for each costume and I found that helped us stay very organized and move quickly. On the back of the contact card write or print reminders.  For example "Hair in high bun, pink tights, black jazz shoes, and headband placed on dancer's right side." This will save time and brain power as you can relax knowing you have a little reminder with each costume.

Hope this post has helped you to grab some essential items to make your competition experience simple and enjoyable. If you would like a complete check list to aid you as you are packing click HERE.  Here is a link to a fabulous make up tutorial!  Best of luck to all you dance moms and dancers!  Have fun!!

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